Sweater with pants, sweater with jeans is very good

Sweater with pants

Sweaters with jeans are the most basic. It seems that any style of sweater can be paired with jeans, but the most beautiful ones are white or black sweaters and blue denim. For whites that don’t want to try too much, this kind of matching will not go wrong. . Also, it is also very good with the pipe pants, wide-leg pants, leather pants and so on.

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Sweater + jeans all kinds of matching

1, striped sweater + skinny jeans

A striped sweater that you can see at a glance, the pinstripe design looks particularly delicate, the classic round neck design is very comfortable and elegant, and the ultra-short version is just connected to the waist of the pants. At the same time, the high-profile and unforgettable fashion temperament, with the skinny jeans, tight-fitting pants are always so stature, loose striped sweater, the overall wear is very thin.

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2, green sweater + irregular jeans

A college-style green sweater is the most versatile look in the early autumn, but also a dazzling green design, no matter where it looks conspicuous, the shoulders of the falling shoulders modify the lines of the shoulders The loose bodice does not pick up the body, with irregular jeans, the trousers are irregularly designed, and the fashion is still very thin.

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3, gray sweater + color matching jeans

A youthful gray sweater, a loose bodice that can easily cover the meat is very thin, and the design of the middle and high collar can be worn from autumn to winter items, who will like it, with color matching Jeans, simple and monotonous jeans are always so charming, color matching design can reveal different temperament, like quiet and sweet girls are very suitable for this match, don’t miss it!

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4, plaid sweater + nine points jeans

I heard that the checkered sweater is more retro and fashionable, and the plaid is a classic and fashionable element. It is not wrong to wear it with the sweater. The design of the collar and neckline is a layered design, which adds a layered feel. The meat is thin and has the effect of modifying the proportion of the body. The color of the sweater is not a single pink. The rule that the lattice design does not seem to be the best is the best. With nine-point jeans, the pants with nine points are always so The height is high and thin.

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5, geometric pattern sweater + cuffed jeans

Is this a geometric pattern like a picture drawn on a math book? Wearing the geometric pattern in memory, always has a characteristic color illusion, and can also recall the scene of reading, the contrast of the retro layer is still very smart, with cuffed jeans, loose version The type of meat-blocking function is also awesome. Even small meat can be easily covered, and it is easy to wear a fashion model. The key is still very thin.

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What kind of pants to wear in a sweater?

In addition to jeans, these pants and sweaters are also very good.

1, black pipe pants

Black pipe pants are a pair of pants with very thin pants, and the black is also more versatile, with a variety of colors of sweaters are very foreign.

2, gray wool pants

Wool pants are popular pants in autumn and winter. They are thick and textured, and they are also very temperament. It is very suitable for wearing with sweaters.

3, white feet pants

The white pants are a very foreign trousers. Although they are not as thin as the dark ones, they are very clean and look good with a variety of sweaters.

4, black leather pants

Leather pants are very attractive, stylish and sexy pants, suitable for autumn and winter wear, with a loose sweater, especially temperament and very Han Fan children.

5, black knit wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants are thinner trousers with a variety of materials. Knitted wide-leg pants have been popular in the last two years. The black knit wide-leg pants are very versatile, and the sweaters are very foreign.

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