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Women’s Grey Sweatshirt Looks

1, gray sweater with wide leg pants

Grey loose sweater with a simple black wide-leg pants. No need for too much decoration, wearing a loose wide-leg pants in winter is also very convenient to wear long pants in it. Haha! It is comfortable and warm and very personal.

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2, gray sweater with small pants

The different materials of the pants are different from the different gray sweaters, which will give people a different feeling style. For example, the following non-cap hooded sweater with a gray-black denim pants can not only show the perfect body but also highlight the individual temperament and taste. It is a set suitable for light and mature women.

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A simple English gray oversize sweater gives a feeling of stealing a boyfriend’s sweater. It will look very petite, and a black leather pants will look more modern and fashionable.

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3, gray sweater with black A skirt

Women’s sweaters can be worn with pants or skirts. Sweaters with skirts ageing and covering the flesh, you can choose a long black A-line skirt, tie up a playful ponytail, let people have the feeling of returning to 18 years old.

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4, gray sweater with black skirt

The mid-length grey sweater adds a feminine bow to the cuffs, a black skirt with a knee-length skirt and a black baseball cap and black-and-white sneakers. The fashion is both feminine and sporty. A set of shoes that are worth learning.

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5, gray sweater with sweater fabric skirt

The loose short gray sweater is matched with the sweater fabric skirt of the same color. One second makes you softer, giving you a very gentle and lovely feeling. The boyfriend can’t wait to feel that you are always in your arms.

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