How to match a knit vest Comfortable and versatile

Knitted vest with

Compared with knitwear, knit vests have no sleeves, which makes the possibility and moulding of the knit vest more extensive. Matching different clothes can also make the style of similar knit vests show different styles.

Knit vest + turtleneck + wide leg pants

With an exotic printed knit vest with a simple turtleneck and wide-leg pants, the cumbersome and simple style is a perfect blend, and it doesn’t feel like a pile of bricks. Instead, it has a retro charm in the elegant elegance. Gentle and full of gas.

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Knit vest + windbreaker + plaid pants

Windbreaker plaid pants and knitwear are full of British style, and visually bring handsome and age-reducing effects. Knitted vests have a college style that brings a gentle yet yet feeling of temperament.

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Plaid knit vest + shirt

The combination of knit vest and shirt can be said to bring the sweetness of the college style to the extreme, the lattice elements are full of British style, sweet but not at all sweet, and there will be a clean and clean atmosphere.

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Knit vest + high waist skirt

The combination of purple and white is full of the elegant charm of mature women. The soft knit fabric is full of retro and gentle temperament. The design of high waist skirt is better to modify the proportion of waist and leg. If you want a more stable effect, black and white The combination of grain and gray-green is a delicate finish.

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Hoodies & Sweatshirts
Knit vest + lantern sleeve shirt

Lantern sleeves are very retro elements, and they are more elegant and sweet with a sweater. If you wear a pair of glossy leather pants, you can have a more sexy flavor and a more intense eye-catching effect.

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