Back to School In 2020 S/S Pattern Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Energetic Sports Class — Retro School Team

Serial number or big logo composed of serial number and English letters are presented by jacquard. Loose silhouette is fit for sports.

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Sports Class — Knitted School Uniform

White single or double bars and colorful bars on sleeves or outer sides of pants bring about the style of vintage school uniform. Simple style and clean color combination are youthful and dynamic.

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Super Scholar — Cucci Effect

V neck and color-blocking rib are the classic of vintage preppy style. The application of color blocks is not just confined to black, white and red, and bright colors such as blue, yellow and green are employed as well.

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Super Scholar — Youth and Dream

The patterns of space exploration and sports scenes are very popular at the moment. Patterns are better presented through jacquard and printing.

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“Slightly Rebellious” — Color Block

Bright color blocks and unsymmetrical splicing can deliver the attitude of “slightly Rebellious”, which is original and dynamic.

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“Slightly Rebellious” — New Letters

The combination of letters, symbols and webbings are focused on in this new season. The new presentation is interesting and smart. Jacquard and print are the main techniques.

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“Slightly Rebellious” — Large Sweatshirt

Classic stripes combined with popular bright colors and dropped shoulders are unconventional and individual.

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